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SquashLevelsScore Sue Whiteman's SquashLevel is : 0 - Click to goto the Website
Results Summary - Sue Whiteman
Vs Result Score Game Date
Malcolm TrippLOST0-3Racketball30/08/2017
Sylvia McIntoshLOST1-3Racketball14/08/2017
Jane SavageLOST1-3Racketball11/08/2017
Corrie GriceLOST0-3Racketball02/08/2017
Kate WrightLOST1-3Racketball28/07/2017
Wendy SavageLOST1-3Racketball25/07/2017
Kate WrightLOST1-3Racketball23/05/2017
Jane SavageLOST1-3Racketball07/04/2017
Malcolm TrippLOST0-3Racketball20/03/2017
Joy O'GormanLOST0-3Racketball18/03/2017
Malcolm TrippLOST0-3Racketball26/02/2017
Janette SteuartWON3-2Racketball23/01/2017
Jerry ForbesLOST0-3Racketball24/10/2016
Jane SavageLOST0-3Racketball24/10/2016
Janette SteuartWON3-1Racketball03/10/2016
Kate WrightWON3-2Racketball28/09/2016
Malcolm TrippLOST0-3Racketball22/08/2016
Janette SteuartWON3-0Racketball12/08/2016
Kate WrightLOST0-3Racketball13/07/2016

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