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Racketball is the fastest growing racket sport in the country. Many people are taking up Racketball because it is easier and less demanding to play than squash. It does, however, provide you with a good cardio workout during which you will burn plenty of calories.

Racketball is played on squash courts and the rules closely follow those of squash. It is very similar to squash in many ways though much easier to pick up. The ball is bigger, bounces higher than in squash and is easier to hit. This usually makes for longer rallies as it is harder to play a winning shot, and it makes the game a lot of fun.

Racketball is suited to everyone. If you've played racket sports previously, you'll be immediately comfortable. Inexperienced racket sport players will pick up the game very quickly too.

Racketball For Juniors

Racketball is a ideal game for youngsters with little or no racket sport or court experience. Children learn the game and develop their skills quickly and easily, and rapidly grow in confidence. Racketball skills are easily transferrable to squash, enabling juniors to be introduced to the sport whenever they are ready.

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