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  • 1. All matches are to be played within the allotted month(s);
  • 2. Matches are to be played to the best of five games using either PAR11 or PAR15 at the agreement of the two players. At 10 all or 14 all the game continues until one player has a two point lead.
  • 3. Each player gets two points for turning up and one further point for each game. The winner gets bonus points depending on the score. If 3-2 then one bonus point, if 3-1 then 2 bonus points and if 3-0 then 3 bonus points. So a 3-0 win means points of 8 to the winner and 2 to the loser.
  • 4. Normally two players are promoted and two relegated within each league within in each division where appropriate. If new players join the Leagues then they will be entered into an appropriate League based on their standard, with the aim being to encourage new players to get involved. Other promotions and relegations will be adjusted accordingly if necessary, but if you win your league your will be promoted. If players are new to the Leagues and of an unknown standard they will start at the bottom. This allows for new players to find their level and get to meet as many other league players as possible in the process;
  • 5. If two players are tied on points at the end of the month then the player who has played the most matches will be given the advantage. If both players have the same points and have played all their matches then the winner of their match will be given the advantage. If that was drawn then it will be who conceded the most games. If that still does not decide it then it is whoever is the higher position at the start of the month.
  • 6. If a player has to stop due to injury then they forfeit the match but can claim the points for any games they had already won.
  • 7. If a match is not finished then the players will get points for those games completed if they cannot finish the match before the end of the month.
  • 8. Players who fail to play at least two games in two consecutive months will be taken out of the Leagues;
  • 9. If a player consistently refuses to play a match or is unable to play a match within the month then their opponent can seek to claim up to 3 points from the organiser. Points will be granted at the organisers discretion with consideration being given to the standards of the two players involved and the effect the points will have on the Leagues scores.
  • 10. Players are asked to start organising matches ASAP to avoid a build up at the end of the month.
  • Updated Rules – March 2023

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