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Tavistock Ladder Rules

Any player in the LADDER can challenge any other player in the LADDER who is within four places above or below them.

Any player wishing to join the LADDER may challenge any other player to try and establish their position, however, if the challenging player loses their first game they will have to start at the bottom.

Players can have up to two active challenges at any one time.

Once a challenge has been made the challenged player has two weeks to agree a date with the challenger or they must forfeit the game and the challenger will automatically move above them in the LADDER. A player may forfeit the game anyway if they simply do not want to play in that two week period.

If the player making the challenge wins the game he/she automatically goes above the other player in the LADDER once the result has been recorded.

If the player making the challenge loses the game then the two players LADDER positions remain as they were.

Players may not challenge the same player more than once every four weeks.

Players may take a break from the LADDER for 30 days if they want to for any reason, such as being on holiday or being injured and if they rejoin the LADDER within the 30 days they will automatically rejoin at the same position they were at before they took a break.

Players may leave the LADDER for longer periods but they will not be allowed to rejoin the ladder for at least 60 days unless they start at the bottom.

In December each year the Ladder will be suspended for the top fifteen players who will go into three Leagues to establish a League One, Two and Three Champion for the year.

League Players should remember to make the challenge to another player in their League at the same time as booking their League game on line. This will avoid you getting too many games to play.

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